Scottish Entertainment Night

Fundraising Team – A Scottish Entertainment Night is being organised by the Team on Friday 17th March at 7pm. Tickets, priced at £1.50 inclusive of refreshments, can be purchased from any of the Team or at Carrick Centre reception. There will also be a lucky programme and entertainment will be provided entirely by children and CCTV. This is a joint fundraiser so funds will be equally divided between the Church & the Carrick Centre.

CandleLicht & Cobbles

Maybole 500 are keen to get as many members of the community as possible on board. So they are wondering if the church’s congregation members would carry procession torches (like large candles) at the front of the parade and/or any members would like to make a lantern representing their church’s history. Lantern workshops have been organised in the Carrick Centre on Saturdays as per advertised in the Centre.


Fundraising Team

Fundraising Team – The Team would like to thank everyone who gave of their time, effort & cash over the past year. The amount raised for 2016 was £5250 and, as always, this amount has been divided equally between the Church & the Carrick Centre giving £2625 each. A big “THANK YOU” to the team. It’s not easy trying to think of new fundraising ideas so if you have any, please speak to any of the Team. Your ideas would be greatly appreciated as we still have a substantial amount outstanding on our loan from the Trustees.

Blythswood Care Shoebox Appeal 2016

Blythswood Care Shoebox Appeal 2016 – A huge thank you to everyone who helped in any way to send 4,500 gift boxes to Moldova and a further 1,900 to Romania. This year has seen the greatest number of gifts ever sent from our base in Ayrshire! Additionally, more than £10,000 was donated to be used to offset the huge cost of transportation. What incredible generosity from South West Scotland! Amazing to see this increase year on year! Thanks to the Church & Carrick Centre for providing a total of 20 filled shoeboxes and £20.

Charity Shop update

Charity Shop – As you know the Fundraising Team were in the Charity Shop last week and after paying rental of £120 the amount raised was £752. As this was a joint effort with the Carrick Centre this amount has been divided equally between them and the Church. A big thank you to all who gave donations of goods, gave of their time and effort and to the customers who purchased items.

Collection at the Remembrance Day Service raised £350 which has been given to Hollybush House

At the Remembrance Day Service on Sunday 13th November, the collection raised £350 which has been given to Hollybush House.

Hollybush House is run by Combat Stress.

“Combat Stress is the UK’s leading veterans’ mental health charity. We treat a range of mental health conditions including PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Mental health issues can affect ex-servicemen and women of all ages. Right now, we have more than 6,000 veterans registered with us for support. We’re a vital lifeline for these veterans, and their families.”

Youth Choir

Youth Choir – meets on Mondays at 6.30pm in the Church. It is mainly aimed at over 8 age group but no one will be turned away. Musical Director is Deirdre Cuthbertson so come along and join in the fun.

Harvest Supper

There will be a Harvest Supper in the Carrick Centre on Sunday 23rd October at 6.30pm. It will be another bring & share meal (hot or cold dish) which is always a great success & food can be heated in the kitchen. Please come along (with your food) and support this venture. Good food, good company……what more could you ask for?

Nepal Visit- Update from Adella McCulloch

Adella McCulloch- Nepal trip 2016

My name is Adella McCulloch, I live in Maybole and I am a second year student 4nurse at Glasgow Caledonian University due to qualify in 2017. In October 2015 I signed up to a volunteering trip to Nepal to promote health care for three weeks. In order for me to go on this trip the charity (Challenges abroad) asked that I raised £2000 in order for me to gain their full support. Due to this I came to the church to ask for your help and support. The churches kind donations raised £365. I cannot thank the congregation enough for this help as money like this goes a long way in countries like Nepal.

Whilst in Nepal I visited five different school both private and government schools. All of these schools had different levels of English however as I met the children I soon realised their English was better than mine.         12

Prior to going on the trip I was able to buy supplies with the money raised. I bought things such as first aid boxes, growth charts, toys, cleaning supplies and much more.

Whilst in Nepal I was able to teach these children about basic life support and the importance of washing your hands along with sexual health and physiology. These children were so eager to learn and always had a smile on their face no matter what. The school curriculum in Nepal is very basic and most 9of these children had never learnt any of these skills before.

During the first week in Nepal I really struggled to adapt to my surroundings. At my accommodation there was no toilets, no electricity, and no beds. I also developed a stomach infection from the dirty air I was breathing. I quickly realised I was far away from home and wanted to give up. However, I met a little girl who was four years old called Shaira. This little girl had lost her home and her family in the earthquake in 2015. She was now living with her sister in a tent who looked after her. After finding this out I quickly raised my spirits and got on with the task I had come over to do. I found myself making the most of my surroundings by washing my clothes in buckets and showering in the heavy rainfall.

During my time at the schools I met a little boy who was behaving differently to others. I assessed this little boy and was able to diagnose him with ADHA and Autism. I then supplied information to the schools and to his family on how to deal with him. Without my help this little boy would have been isolated from society and from the other children in the schools.

I also tested the eye sight of all the children and came across a little girl who severally needed glasses. Her mum and dad couldn’t afford to buy her glasses so I personally took her to the opticians and bought her a pair of glasses which only cost me £6. I requested that some of the money raised was put towards buying children glasses who needed them.

One little girl wrote me a letter saying ‘Dear Adella, I am very proud of you and I am forever grateful, please do not forget me’ Although I was the one teaching these children I learnt a lot from them too. I got to learn about new cultures and religions and I also became awar16e of how lucky I am and how I should never take the simple things in life for granted.

A key message that I have learnt from this experience is, the main reason we lose our enthusiasm in life is because we become ungrateful, we let what was a miracle to us become common. We become so accustomed to the simple things in life it becomes routine to us. Never forget how lucky you are in life and how simple daily routines to us can be miracles to someone else.

Thank you once again for your kind support and help I could not have done it without you.

Silent Auction

Shhh! – Fancy a night out with a difference then why not try our SILENT AUCTION Fundraiser for The Carrick Centre and Maybole Parish Church. Take a look round and bid on what you fancy (remember don’t let anyone see!!) It’s lots of fun.

Friday, 23rd September Starts 7pm. Tickets £10pp includes buffet supper.

silent auction

Nepal Visit

Nepal Visit

On Sunday 27th March 2016 Rev Jim Guthrie welcomed Adella McCulloch to our Morning Service and invited her to tell us about her forthcoming adventure.

Adella is a 2ndyear Nursing Student and she isimage going to Nepal as a volunteer to help set up a Communities Health Care Facility after the devastating earthquake in April 2015.

Adella told us about her family background, and how her Gran and great Uncle, who are both members of our church, are sponsoring her.

The trip is being organised by Challenges Abroad and Adella has been selected to take part in this needy cause.

To show her commitment Adella has been asked to raise £2,000 to help fund this visit.

Adella asked that the Church support her in this life changing experience with financial assistance.

The congregation gave generously and raise the sum of £355 on the day.

Our best wishes go with Adella and we pray that she will be richly blessed for the commitment she has shown and takes the Churches good wishes to Nepal.

Car Boot Sale

Indoor tables ½ price and a free cup of filter coffee or tea to each stall holder.

Children’s Corner –

Are they board over the summer, can they earn some extra pocket money pass on those old toys, books, puzzles and games etc. £5.00 a table.


Fundraising Team

The team desperately need new members due to several retirements this year. It is very difficult to sustain the level of fundraising (well over £20000) without new ideas and new members and if no one volunteers, the team may have to consider whether they are able to continue or not. this would be a great loss to the Church and the Carrick Centre so please have a think about it and give your time and talents. It is FUN. Please contact the centre for more information on 01655 883222

Presentation of Baptismal Font

The congregation of Maybole Parish Church were delighted to welcome David Kiltie MBE and his wife Margaret from St Cuthbert’s Church, Maybole on Sunday 8th July. David had come to present a gift from his Church, a table-top font which had been specially made for the new church. In his remarks, David alluded light-heartedly to the connections between the churches in personal and religious terms and wished the congregation and the community facility which they had created every success in the future. Rev Brian Hendrie in accepting the generous gift spoke of the strength of the ecumenical movement in the town. He then proceeded to dedicate the new font in prayer.

The service continued with the Baptism of Hannah, baby daughter of Julie and Robin Briggs, putting the new font into immediate use.

Many of the congregation reflected over coffee after the service on how times had changed since the days when such a gesture of kinship between these “rival” churches would have been unthinkable.

Dedication Service

On Thursday, May 31, a large congregation of Presbytery, church members, local politicians, head teachers, the Lord Lieutenant and invited guests took part in a service dedicating the auditorium/sanctuary in the Carrick Centre as a place of worship.

Ayr Presbytery Moderator Bill Mackie conducted the service and the Rev Kenneth Elliot, Clerk of the Presbytery, delivered the Narrative of Proceedings.

He referred to the long history of the project and commended those who had charge of the process for their faith and determination.

The Rev Brian Hendrie, in welcoming the company, spoke of how happy the congregation were to be in their wonderful new home. He was pleased to point out that requests to use the facilities were to be directed to the Carrick Centre as the Church was not responsible for the day-to-day running of the building. Many groups have already chosen to site their activities in the Centre.

Rev Hendrie added, “For me, it’s a privilege and a challenge not just to be minister of this new church, but to be involved in a totally new concept … church and community under one roof!

“I, personally, have always felt that there shouldn’t be any separation between church and community and that’s why I hope this whole project will be the catalyst for similar projects all across Scotland.

“I hope people can see this place, dream dreams and then set about making the dream a reality.

“Indeed, we’ve already had a lot of interest from other churches who have seen the Carrick Centre as a catalyst for the future. I’m biased, of course, but this is the way ahead – the Church nationally has to “go for it” and probably bite some bullets in the process!”

Ministers are recent ministers from Maybole West and Maybole Old before and after uniting into Maybole Parish Church
Left to Right:
Rev Alistair Morrison, former locum Maybole Parish Church;
Rev Dave Whiteman, former minister, Maybole Old and Maybole Parish Church;
Rev Brian Hendrie, present minister Maybole Parish Church,
Rev Tom Bogle, former minister, Maybole West
Rev Douglas Moore, Former Auxiliary Minister at Maybole Parish Church

He continued, “I am not a born leader, but I am a natural team player and working in the Carrick Centre is so appealing because I’m part of a team here.

“And the team here – whether paid staff, or volunteers – make my work so much more enjoyable, because we’re all in this together – and it’s more than a place of work, it’s a place of purpose and a place of energy. We’re all part of a team who want to ensure that everyone who comes into this building finds it a very positive experience.

To be minister here is a great challenge, and I need to be more innovative than I have been so far, but, above all, I am thriving because I am part of a team that’s passionate about making this whole building flourish in the present and long into the future.”

After the service the company adjourned to the main hall where refreshments were provided and there was an opportunity to explore the whole building. The consensus was that this had been a very enjoyable and moving experience.

Mr Bill Mackie, Moderator of the Presbytery of Ayr
Mr Allan Hutchison, Session Clerk at Maybole Parish Church
Rev Alistair H. Morrison BTH DipYCS, Former Locum at Maybole Parish Church 2008 – 2010
Mr James Skinner OBE FCIBS, Former Interim Moderator at Maybole Parish Church 2008 – 2010
The Reverend Douglas T. Moore, Former Auxiliary Minister at Maybole Parish Church 2003 – 2008
Mr John L. Duncan QPM, Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire and Arran
The Very Reverend David W. Lacy BA BD DLitt, Former Moderator of the General Assembly 2005
The Reverend Kenneth C. Elliott BA BD Cert Min, Clerk of the Presbytery of Ayr
The Reverend Brian Hendrie BD, Minister of Crosshill and Maybole Parish Church
Mrs Elizabeth Riome, Elder at Maybole Parish Church and Reader.
Mrs Kay Feldmann, Organist

Carrick Centre – Maybole Parish Church Relationship

The following address was delivered to the congregation of Maybole Parish Church by Jim Stevens at the service on Sunday April 29th 2012 to explain the relationship between the Church and the Carrick Centre.

In the absence of Bill Miller, who is on holiday, Brian has asked me to say a few words about the relationship between Maybole Parish Church and the Carrick Centre.

To understand and appreciate the relationship you have to go back twelve years to the Millennium and the Church of Scotland’s decision to create a millennium fund to provide funding for new and exciting church projects.

When we were awarded initially £300,000 by the General Trustees for our Maybole New Church Project and Youth Centre, this was on the clear understanding that our new building would be multi-functional and available for both church and community use seven days per week. From this concept it was our decision to build a Church and Community Centre, and our stated vision was “a project at the heart of the community for all citizens”.

In order to take the project forward we needed to secure external funding, and whilst some additional funding was available to churches the majority of external funders would not finance religious groups. We needed, therefore, to form a body comprised of not just church members but also members of the wider community, which could approach these funders, including Lottery, to secure the grants we needed to allow us to begin work.

The result of this was “The Carrick Centre”, which is de facto our church’s Outreach to the local community. Outreach is such an important part of the church’s remit, and something incumbent upon every one of us to support. It was our original funding consultant, Peter Walker, who suggested the name “The Carrick Centre”, and who, incidentally, was responsible for securing the grant of £188,000 from the Prince’s Exchange Foundation – the grant which was the turning point in our fortunes and which allowed the vision to become reality.

The Carrick Centre is in its own right a registered charity and is also a not- for-profit company limited by guarantee. This gives its volunteer directors protection in the event of economic difficulty – not something we anticipate. The Board of Directors, which includes Brian, your Minister, also has community directors who are not church members, and this, along with its community associations, opened up avenues of funding denied to the Church. The latest example of this is Alan Murray’s recent coup in securing Lottery and other funding to the value of over £100,000. This funding is enabling us to fully equip the Centre and also to provide the much needed Audio-visual and Loop system for the Sanctuary and throughout the building.

The Carrick Centre and the Church are very closely linked. The Church owns the building, and the building is leased to the Carrick Centre. This is a 25 year lease at a peppercorn rent. The Carrick Centre operates, maintains, insures, heats, and lights the building, and covers photocopying costs. This relieves the Church of responsibility for all of these activities. In return, apart from the lease of the building, the Church also makes an annual contribution of £10,000 towards the running costs of the Centre, as detailed in the Management Agreement between Maybole Parish Church and Carrick Centre Boards. This is a very good deal for the Church as it no longer has to think about all these different services and provisions. Indeed insurance and photocopying alone amount to some £6,000 of the £10,000 being paid. At today’s rates it would have cost each of our former churches close to £10,000 just to operate at a very basic level.

Already you can begin to see the effect of community outreach in the number of people and organisations using the Centre; the numbers of volunteers in the Centre (now over 30, and to whom we offer our grateful thanks); and the increase in numbers attending church on Sundays (dare I say a 30% increase?) with a consequent increase in givings. And we haven’t even yet begun to implement a proper marketing strategy.

A word now about the Management Agreement. This guarantees to Maybole Parish Church and its associated groups such as Guild, Bible study, Choir, Youth etc various uses of the accommodation, including the sanctuary for Church Services, at no additional costs beyond the agreed annual contribution. Also included are single occasion uses such as the Guild Rally, Funerals and Weddings. The Agreement also provides for a proportion of any free surplus at the end of the year to be made available to Maybole Parish Church as a contribution towards paying off the outstanding loan on the building costs. A free surplus is one which is not reserved for a specific purpose. Lottery Funding, for example, is not a free surplus.

I have twice used the word “Sanctuary”, and to me as well as to you all, this place of worship is indeed at this moment the Sanctuary. But bearing in mind the building’s multifunctional uses this space is at other times the Auditorium, or the Crossraguel Room. And so you will hear it referred to in differing terms in differing circumstances. To date two conferences, two concerts, and several school events have been held here, and on Friday 18th May a Fashion Show will be held. We do, however, remind visitors that this space, despite its varied uses, is also Maybole Parish Church and a place of worship.

As business develops scheduling of spaces will become more complicated and it is essential that all requirements, including those of our Church, are routed through Karen, the Administrator, as soon as known, to avoid clashes. The success of the Carrick Centre is crucial to the continued success of Maybole Parish Church. As our Church/Carrick Centre Agreement says, and I quote: “The Carrick Centre will operate as a partnership between the Board of the Carrick Centre, the Congregation of Maybole Parish Church and the community and public sector organisations operating within the North Carrick Area.”

On a very recent visit the General Trustees were delighted by the progress being made by the Church and The Carrick Centre. They saw their remit of a multifunctional building for both Church and Community being demonstrably put into practice. We would urge you all to share in that delight, and those of you who have time to spare to volunteer some of that time, even an hour per week, towards helping the Centre to become the success it deserves to be.

Thank you for listening.