Congregational Board

What is the Congregational Board?

A group of trustees who are responsible for the finances of the Church and the maintenance of the properties – the Church, the halls and the manse.

Who are the trustees?

The Congregational Board comprises of the minister, all 56 serving elders plus elected Board members who serve a three year term. Together they are called the Trustees.

How are elected members chosen?

At the Annual Stated Business meeting in March each year, names are proposed and seconded by members of the congregation. If the nominated people agree, they become Board members for a 3 year term. After 3 years Board members may either step down from the Congregational Board or seek to be re-elected.

What are the duties of a Congregational Board member?

  • To be part of a team on duty, one Sunday morning every 2 months, to welcome everyone at the Church door, to uplift the offering and to stay behind after the service to count the offering.
  • To attend Congregational Board meetings, contribute to discussions, vote on decisions and , if required, serve on committees.
  • As a Trustee be accountable for decisions made.