Dedication Service

On Thursday, May 31, a large congregation of Presbytery, church members, local politicians, head teachers, the Lord Lieutenant and invited guests took part in a service dedicating the auditorium/sanctuary in the Carrick Centre as a place of worship.

Ayr Presbytery Moderator Bill Mackie conducted the service and the Rev Kenneth Elliot, Clerk of the Presbytery, delivered the Narrative of Proceedings.

He referred to the long history of the project and commended those who had charge of the process for their faith and determination.

The Rev Brian Hendrie, in welcoming the company, spoke of how happy the congregation were to be in their wonderful new home. He was pleased to point out that requests to use the facilities were to be directed to the Carrick Centre as the Church was not responsible for the day-to-day running of the building. Many groups have already chosen to site their activities in the Centre.

Rev Hendrie added, “For me, it’s a privilege and a challenge not just to be minister of this new church, but to be involved in a totally new concept … church and community under one roof!

“I, personally, have always felt that there shouldn’t be any separation between church and community and that’s why I hope this whole project will be the catalyst for similar projects all across Scotland.

“I hope people can see this place, dream dreams and then set about making the dream a reality.

“Indeed, we’ve already had a lot of interest from other churches who have seen the Carrick Centre as a catalyst for the future. I’m biased, of course, but this is the way ahead – the Church nationally has to “go for it” and probably bite some bullets in the process!”

Ministers are recent ministers from Maybole West and Maybole Old before and after uniting into Maybole Parish Church
Left to Right:
Rev Alistair Morrison, former locum Maybole Parish Church;
Rev Dave Whiteman, former minister, Maybole Old and Maybole Parish Church;
Rev Brian Hendrie, present minister Maybole Parish Church,
Rev Tom Bogle, former minister, Maybole West
Rev Douglas Moore, Former Auxiliary Minister at Maybole Parish Church

He continued, “I am not a born leader, but I am a natural team player and working in the Carrick Centre is so appealing because I’m part of a team here.

“And the team here – whether paid staff, or volunteers – make my work so much more enjoyable, because we’re all in this together – and it’s more than a place of work, it’s a place of purpose and a place of energy. We’re all part of a team who want to ensure that everyone who comes into this building finds it a very positive experience.

To be minister here is a great challenge, and I need to be more innovative than I have been so far, but, above all, I am thriving because I am part of a team that’s passionate about making this whole building flourish in the present and long into the future.”

After the service the company adjourned to the main hall where refreshments were provided and there was an opportunity to explore the whole building. The consensus was that this had been a very enjoyable and moving experience.

Mr Bill Mackie, Moderator of the Presbytery of Ayr
Mr Allan Hutchison, Session Clerk at Maybole Parish Church
Rev Alistair H. Morrison BTH DipYCS, Former Locum at Maybole Parish Church 2008 – 2010
Mr James Skinner OBE FCIBS, Former Interim Moderator at Maybole Parish Church 2008 – 2010
The Reverend Douglas T. Moore, Former Auxiliary Minister at Maybole Parish Church 2003 – 2008
Mr John L. Duncan QPM, Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire and Arran
The Very Reverend David W. Lacy BA BD DLitt, Former Moderator of the General Assembly 2005
The Reverend Kenneth C. Elliott BA BD Cert Min, Clerk of the Presbytery of Ayr
The Reverend Brian Hendrie BD, Minister of Crosshill and Maybole Parish Church
Mrs Elizabeth Riome, Elder at Maybole Parish Church and Reader.
Mrs Kay Feldmann, Organist